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At THE FABRICK LAB we are creating our own version of the 'Big Bang Theory' through textiles. We observe the changes in our universe to inform our design...

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‘AI and Nature’, ‘Technology and Craft’, ‘Smart production and Handmade’; these are the extreme spectrums which we weave together, in order to map out the future of textile design. At THE FABRICK LAB, textiles are not limited to physical construction, it is the principle of textile making that helps us navigate new ways to design. We are dreamers, realising our concepts through materialisation. We are led by green thinking, engaged by science and stimulated by traditional heritage techniques and their history. As an industry catalyst we are set to expand the boundaries of modern textiles for the future, with a wide disciplinary application.

As you enter our studio, based in the old industrial area of Hong Kong, all your preconceptions are left at the door. Replacing the traditional rolls of fabric are an array of unique and engaging materials and products which stimulate your senses and demand to be interacted with. Our unique weave lab gives us the advantage to create spontaneously. We create environments that are responsive, smart and functional; resulting in unique narrative pieces for both interiors and exteriors. Our interactive design pieces are often informed by data, and the different ways in which we can harvest that data - resulting in informative textile sculptures. THE FABRICK LAB is the convergence of smart and lived textile experiences.

As a multi-faceted boutique textile consultancy, we help to bridge different businesses with the right answers, from material research to fully integrated branding solutions. Our unique understanding of textile innovation enables us to use agile techniques in a cross disciplinary approach. We help our clients translate their ideas in to unique design approaches. Through future forecasting, blue ocean strategising, in depth material research and product development we are able to create clear and coherent outcomes for you. We may be located in the heart of Hong Kong, but THE FABRICK LAB casts a global footprint; with clients and projects spanning the world. Previous brands the studio has worked with include UBS, Swarovski, HKEX, Moleskine, JLL, Nissan, and Kvadrat.

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As described by China Daily, THE FABRICK LAB is a studio which is, 'Weaving old wisdom with robotics' and 'Making big data dance'.


Elaine Yan Ling Ng, nicknamed the ‘Techno fairy’ by Elle Deco, is the founder of THE FABRICK LAB. A bespoke textile consultancy which brings together textiles, electronics, biomimicry, interiors and installations. A British Chinese materialologist, Ng graduated from Central Saint Martins in London where she earned her MA Design in Material Futures with a Distinction. She is a TED Fellow and has been globally recognised by multiple design awards, including The Emerging Talent Award by Design Anthology, GGEF’s Eco Innovator Award, Swarovski’s Designer of the Future Award and Tatler’s Gen T Award. Ng has worked with Nissan Design Europe and Nokia Design Beijing and is one the top 50 brightest connectors, creative visionaries, influential innovators and disruptive talents in Hong Kong. Her magical approach towards materials is recognised by some of the best in the field and has proven inspirational to many.


'The Chinese designer creates materials that move and grow like trees - but faster.'

- Wired, UK.

Ng's work has been exhibited at the V&A Museum and the Science Museum in London, Art Basel/HK, Design Miami/Basel, Textiel Museum in Tilburg, Harbour Front Centre in Toronto, Espace EDF Art Foundation in Paris, Wuhao and Beijing, and also the Moleskine Global Galleries. Her art and design research has been widely featured internationally including features in; Wired UK, Wallpaper*, Elle Decoration China, Surface Asia, AD Italia, AD China, China Daily, Yazter, Core 77 and many more. Elaine has also been invited to present at some of the world’s most prestigious conferences including; TED, DOIT Taiwan (Delivering Innovation for Tomorrow) , Shape Shifting in New Zealand, Nature Now Symposium, Ctanz and the TePaPa Museum in 2016. Furthermore, her distinctive design approach is continuously being documented in various books including; Digital Jacquard Design, Material exploration and Fashion Processes.

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