We provide textiles research, including material collection and analysis with detailed reports to provide professional, textile focussed material consultation services for material development.

Our research and development is centred around 3 core concepts:


We believe nature already holds the solutions to many of our questions and we work to help you identify these wisdoms. We provide suggestions and help bring out the life of your textiles through nature’s technology.

We think all design should be sustainable - that it is a necessity, not a choice.


We provide Smart Textiles consultation services, from developing electronics for textiles applications to embedding textiles and developing interactive textiles for your needs.

We specialise in weave and knit for smart textile construction. We have in-house facilities to prototype samples.


Our localised craft team is stationed in Guizhou, China. Each villager is a craft pioneer that we have been training for over a year. Using our design expertise we have elevated their heritage skills so they can be applied to contemporary, luxury textiles.

We can help clients to visualise their concepts and implement their designs; translating their vision into tangible textiles, hand-crafted by the villagers.



Though we are not prophets or witches, our brainy fairies work hard to keep you posted on the latest industrial and market development. Our trend reports can help you map out the contours. We are also there for you - should you need some support for your next move or if in need of someone to suggest a few new paths.

We provide reports on key design and material tradeshows in Asia and Middle East. Previous reports include Design Days Dubai, Beijing Design Week, Shanghai Design Week as well as other key international shows such as Milan Design Week and London Design Week.

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