Our bespoke textile services offer a contemporary solution to interior designers and architectural companies searching for luxurious and sustainable fabrics for their design projects.


We have strong partnerships and have worked with renowned knit manufacturers, resin makers and access to digital programming from textile to hardware. 

We offer a range of knitted textiles which can be incorporated with hardware to create a collection of interior products. These include sound absorbing wall panels and resin and glass coated knit.

All our textiles and products can be tailor made to meet the specific needs of designers and architects. We meet international standards on quality, ethical and social aspects.

To receive a quotation for any of our services or a specific order, or to speak with our team for advice on colour schemes, styles and options, please contact the team at elaine@thefabricklab.com.@thefabricklab.com

For further inquiries please contact elaine@thefabricklab.com

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