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Interactive installation for textile swatch study

Kvadrat knit dazzle fabric, aluminum, stainless steel, wire, PVC, and bamboo

Kvadrat headquarters Lundbergsvej 10 DK - 8400 Ebeltoft

Commissioned by Kvadrat, 2020

This installation represents an experimental textile sample room. Each ‘textile sample’ is presented in its most honest and genuine form.

Each form is captured from a unique moment, where the textile has been creased, folded, draped and bent. These moments are usually difficult to capture as the textile doesn’t hold its form by itself. Conventional textile sample rooms / books often present the textile in flat swatches. Whilst its application is usually against a 3D structure. Hence it is important for the designer to understand at an early stage how the textile may look and perform whilst being curved or folded.

The installation is composed with textile swatches in different forms. They are laminated with different materials within, such as aluminium, stainless steel, wire, polymer and bamboo. Each combination provides a mock up hardness, to demonstrate different stiffness and flexibility. This way the designer can examine how the textile would look in a 3D form and explore its potential application at an early stage.

All samples can be linked together with a clipping mechanism, using an interchangeable system. This allows designers to ‘borrow’ the samples easily and yet not feel guilty for ‘messing’ up the display. The playful element is echoing with the very nature of design, which has endless possibilities. This presents the spirit of a constantly shifting ‘sample room’ - organised chaos yet frantic.

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