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Data-interactive installation with light feature

3D printing, jacquard weaving, gold leaf gilding, LED

Shangri-la, Pudong, Shanghai, China

Commissioned by UBS, 2019

UBS unveil ‘Nexus’, an interactive sculpture by Elaine Yan Ling Ng at the Greater China Conference (First module was introduced 7-11 January 2019, Shanghai).


Nexus is inspired by nature and technology. Nexus was launched at the UBS Greater China Conference, Shanghai (7-11 January 2019). The interactive output of the sculpture is powered by a feed of big data from a set of more than 8,000 air quality monitoring stations around the world, and analyzed by UBS Evidence Lab, a specialist research facility within UBS.

Through the interactive presentations, visitors will be prompted to select air quality data from different cities and countries which will create unique light performances akin to the composition of a piece of music. Lights along the body of the work will display the movement of accumulated data, translated through individually programmed LEDs into an organic flow of light visuals, which illustrate how the air quality has changed in the selected locations over the past two years.

The sculpture employs innovative craftsmanship with bespoke handwoven digital jacquard textiles built over a 3D printed frame to complement the lighting display. Nexus employs organic materials including paper pulp, bamboo weave, and copper yarn. The form of the forest network is mimicked through the texture and intricate details of both handmade and digitally produced elements.

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