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Movement-interactive kinetic lightweight textile structures

3D printing, knitted metallic yarn, polymer, motors, sensors, LED's

Salone del Mobile Milan, Italy

Commissioned by Hong Kong Design Centre, 2017

The Fabrick Lab exhibit their innovative living prototypes, Sensus, at the internationally celebrated Salone del Mobile in Milan. This pilot project challenges the interdisciplinary relationship between designers, robot engineers, and knitted textile programmers. Bridging these diverse fields of expertise whilst also pushing the traditional boundaries within robotics, 3D printing, and ADF knitting. 


Sensus, the Latin word for sense, are a new breed of interactive creatures that entice the audience’s senses. Inspired by the bioluminescent sea-worms, polychaete, the three creatures are brought to life by the presence of visitors; acknowledging their presence through light, sound, and movement.


























The Tale of the Sensus

Legend tells of a mythical sea creature that dwells in the deep for millennia.

It came to a time when one of these enigmatic creatures dared to come to the surface and explore a new world filled with light, sound, and energy.

Its senses were awoken.


Ignited by the vitality of life, the creature began to explore the surface it moved within.

The creature slithered, rippled and curled in wonder through its new habitat.

Its bristles gently flowed in the water's current catching the shimmering light as they moved. In the distance, through the waves of the water, the faint sound of the creature’s heartbeat softly sang. A journey of sensory discovery.


For once there was one creature, now we find a species.



Epsilon is the most vivacious and demanding of the Sensus breed. It transforms your energy, which allows its magnificent bristles to dance in dialogue with your movements. However, you will learn that Epsilon is fond of attention and requires a continuous exertion of energy to be kept awake.



Phi is a charming breed of Sensus. Appearing dormant from afar, once you step a little closer, your presence will evoke Phi to conduct an enchanting performance.

Be sure to watch the whole performance, as once you step away, Phi will return to its state of dormancy.



Theta is the peaceful, observant character amongst the Sensus breed. Although a little quieter than the rest, don’t underestimate Theta. A gentle movement is all it takes and Theta will glisten in response, acknowledging your company.

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