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Sound-interactive kinetic textile installation

Swarovski crystals, metallic yarn, cane, steel, polymer, UV printing, embroidery, motors, sensors

Art Central, Hong Kong

Commissioned by Swarovski, 2016

Swarovski has unveiled ‘Sundew’, a spectacular kinetic crystal installation by British Chinese Designer Elaine Yan Ling Ng at the 2016 edition of Art Central. Exhibited at Hong Kong’s Central Harbourfront, ‘Sundew’ represents Swarovski’s second successive partnership with Art Central, part of Hong Kong Art Week.

With ‘Sundew’, Hong Kong-based artist Elaine Yan Ling Ng brings her unique approach to design, encompassing textiles, electronics, biomimicry and interiors to create a highly interactive presentation. Taking inspiration from nature, craft and technology, Ng has created interactive objects that mimic the exotic ‘Sundew’, a carnivorous plant that attracts its prey with scent and reflected light. The installation features hand-fabricated textiles combining natural fibers and 316m of Swarovski crystal fabric (approximately 20 million crystals), and lures audiences in, trapping them with mesmerising displays of light, fragrance and movement.

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