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Our Bespoke Living Collection combines the co-designed materials produced by the villagers, with renowned manufacturers Stellar Works. This collaboration has enabled the traditional textiles to be applied to a new high-end, luxury market. Stellar Works are a contemporary design brand with a strong commitment to creating novel collections inspired by craftsmanship and style traditions from around the world. They have used their expertise to beautifully manufacture the Bespoke Collection for the UN/Fold project.
The collection has been exhibited worldwide, including Seeds Gallery for London Craft Week, Elle Deco China and in Dangling, Shanghai.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the Bespoke Living Collection, please contact



Product Code: SOF_001

Materials: 100% Silk. Hand batiked with natural indigo dye. Brass. Walnut. Hand-woven wool.

Dimensions: H664mm x W1667mm x D790mm. Seating height: 343mm.

This sofa uses the the traditional textiles and applies them to a different environment. Conventionally the heritage prints are used for fabrics applied to the body in the form of clothes and decorative wear. Applying the materials to soft furnishings allows the prints to become an integral part of the home environment, changing how they are used and interacted with.

The sofa is constructed from lengths of fabric that use the traditional, local technique of batik. The fabric is dyed three times in home-grown, organic, indigo dye vats. The print has been co-designed by the villagers and The Fabrick Lab, drawing inspiration from traditional Guizhou heritage motifs. The textiles for the cushions are also woven by the local artisans of the region. The textiles are applied to solid walnut structure and finished with angular brass legs, designed by The Fabrick Lab.



Product Code: SCRG_001

Material: Metallic Yarn. Silk. Wool. Polyester. Walnut. Brass

Dimensions: H1750mm x W2209mm x D40mm

The Orient screen (Tradition) offers a glimpse of how traditional weave and tapestry are being fused together for a modern interpretation of Guizhou heritage textiles. The material has been hand woven in the UN/Fold hub by local artisans. The tapestry designs have been inspired by the motifs found of the traditional headbands which they wear daily. Experimenting with proportion and scale of these motifs the screen is a contemporary interpretation of their heritage.

Modern Marriage

Product Code: SCRB_002

Material: Woven Cotton. Red Bean Paste. Walnut. Brass.

Dimensions: H1750mm x W2209mm x D40mm

The screen is constructed from hand woven cotton. This is then treated with a red bean paste and beaten with a wooden hammer on stone. The coated material is then left out in the sun where the sugar from the paste crystalises and infuses the cotton. This process is repeated over 100 times and creates a naturally semi water repellent surface. This is how the glossy texture of the fabric is also created.

At The Fabrick Lab, we wanted to utulise the unique properties of this fabric by marriaging it with modern technology. We discovered that this cotton fabric is now able to be laser cut. This has innovated how natural materials can be applied, and showcased a different technique known to the region. This is the first time cotton has been laser cut. The shapes used are taken from traditional prints.


Single Dye

Product Code: NSTS_001

Materials: Walnut. Brass.

Dimensions: H700mm x W460mm x D350mm

Double Dye

Product Code: NSTD_002

Materials: Walnut. Brass.

Dimensions: H700mm x W460mm x D350mm

These night stands offer a new approach for the traditional method of batik- transferring the technique from soft fabrics to hard ware. Broadening the techniques application. The batik panels are produced in the village of Guizhou, in southern China and the prints have been inspired by their traditional Guizhou heritage motif and modified with a contemporary twist. These are then dyed numerous times in the home grown organic indigo dye vats. The indigo colour slowly develops with different oxidation processes. This product has allowed the villagers to experience how to work in partnership with expert manufacturers, such as Stellar Works.

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